As a child he fell in love with music and began to self-study the electric guitar and to write his first songs thanks to his creativity.

While studying Electronic Engineering at University, he studied electric guitar and began to play in a cover band performing at local live music venues the classic rock repertoire  and some blues songs.

His passion for music grew big over the time along with his skills and ability to compose songs and music, developing his own distinctive style.


In 2014 forms his own band called “Crabby’s”  and starts to perform his songs.


Music genre:  Rock/Singer-Songwriter/Indie


Released Albums:

Lost  July 2015 (16 tracks)

Bad Past August 2016 (15 tracks)

Realize  May 2017 (14 Tracks)


Band members:

Giuseppe D'Alonzo (vocals, guitars and composer  )

Morena D'Amico (vocals, backing vocals)

Antonio Costantino ( acoustic guitar)

Daniele Gomena  ( Keyboards)

Domenico Di Michele (drums)


The single track  “You need some money to go away”  was broadcast on several European radio stations ( no Networks)  from January 2015 to April 2015.

On YouTube there are some interviews given on local italians radio stations.


The single track  “Tomorrow  qualified for  semi-final in the 2015 edition of the famous International SongwritingCompetition (ISC)


The single track  “Wasted Time (Dedicated To B.B. King)”  won Best Song Award at the February 2016 Akademia Awards Los Angeles in the category of Folk-Singer/Songwriter.

The song is dedicated to the great bluesman BB King and has received several positive reviews even from the daughter of The “King of Blues”,      the singer Shirley King, on her Facebook page.


The single track  “Try”  won Best Rock Song Award at the July 2016 Akademia Awards Los Angeles. It is now broadcast on several indie music radio stations in America.


Giuseppe D’Alonzo’s songs are played on some episodes of the well-known podcast,, a music-paced running podcast featuring indie music.

In particular, on Episode #125 JogTunes played and gave good exposure  to Giuseppe D’Alonzo :


Collaborations with other indie rock artists:

Melanie Crew (London songwriter )

Sleep Again”

“In the End”

Patrizia Torrieri (Italian songwriter)

Wake Up in the Night”

H. Artmann (German songwriter)

I Dream of You”


Presence on social media networks:



All songs are available on all main digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc..)